Quilt Binding: Tips and Tricks

I'll try to flesh out this page a little more over the next few months.  The main thing I wanted to do is to share some blog posts that talk about machine-finished quilt binding.  Don't worry, some of these techniques are for everyone and can be used if you are finishing the binding by hand, too.
My first post about machine-finished quilt binding was about how I came to terms with machine-finished binding.  Basically it was driven by how little time I have in any given day.  At the time I wrote this post I was working full-time and finishing up quilts for charity as often as possible.  Add in the time I spent on my own projects and I was running out of time.  You can read about it in my post I titled:  Machine-Finished Binding - Overcoming Fear.
Next we have what I like to call the sneaky finish.  This one is for those really small projcts where getting the ends together is possible, but requires three hands and level of acrobatics people over 40 just do not have.
Most recently, I wrote a post about how I join the ends of the binding together.  It used to be I would just tug and pin and tug and pin until it fit.  Then I learned this method and now I'm hooked.  A super-big shout-out to Veronica for sharing this great method.

Do you have some fun or easy tip about binding?  Some little trick you learned along the way?  Please leave a comment and share!

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