Monday, May 3, 2021

Safety is Sexy

When I decided to start skating I knew I had to buy safety gear. I'm not a young person, I've broken many bones over my lifetime, and don't fancy doing it again. I bought this helmet because it was easily accessible during the pandemic (Amazon). But, geez, is it boring. 
I have a handful of stickers from different designers and hobbies. It was time to put them to use. 
This is the most important one. I cannot tell you how much fun it IS NOT to hit your noggin' on the pavement. Safety is important and sexy. 
I'm going to need some more stickers. So much real estate waiting for sticker flair. 
Get out there, get moving. Wear your safety gear and skate like you don't care who sees you fall down. If you fall down, just do what Steve Rogers would do: get back up. 

Tentacle kitten sticker by Motley Thread
Moxi roller skate sticker by Moxi Skates (included with my Moxi Juicy Wheels)

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