Monday, October 12, 2020

Prudence Dissents

Blogger still hasn't gotten their crap together with this new tool. Geez. When the feedback form doesn't work you know they've got their best people working on the upgrade. 
Back to quilting. This past weekend I got back to work on this fun little quilt. You can read more about this project in my first post about Prudence. Admittedly, I got better at putting the units together as I went along. 
I got to this point and realized I needed to take another look at the lily. I sat down with Electric Quilt but just couldn't sort it out. I grabbed my printout and my erasable pen and got scribbling. 
I made some incorrect cuts while I worked on this block. Nothing tragic at these sizes. 
I think it came out pretty good considering I only used half-square triangle units. I used a couple half-rectangle units in the quilt but I'm not terribly good at them. I may need to do some research so I can get better at them.  
I think it worked out great!
I added the borders and put it back up on the design wall. I have grand ideas for the quilting but I'm not ready to talk that step yet. 

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