Monday, April 5, 2021

Charity Quilting

I made this little quilt top months ago. Finally got it quilted this past weekend. 
This one was made by Trudy. I love how the border print makes the borders fun. 
I used this ribbon meander. I think I'll try to use this one more often. I'll drop these off with Annapolis Quilts for Kids later this month. 

If you want to contribute but don't have the time or skills, you can support the national Quilts for Kids by shopping through Amazon Smile. I don't earn anything from this link. This link lets your purchases support Quilts for Kids through Amazon. I don't add affiliate links to my charity quit posts on purpose. I donate my time, my machine, my thread, and my skill to the cause. 

Here is the EpochConverter for 2021.  

2021 Charity Quilt Count: 13

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