Monday, February 20, 2017

In the Mail Monday

This post is going to be super short and quick.
I received my February ration of thread. I love the gray!
I printed and pieced together this pattern from Colette. This is Hawthorn and I aim to make one, or two. The biggest hurdle for me when it comes to making garments is that I rarely buy more than a couple yards of a single fabric. Quilters are so about buying all the prints. So much so that we buy fabric in little bitty pieces.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Odds and Ends

This one will be kind of quick. Getting back into the swing of work mean's I have so little time for creative pursuits.
I've been trying to figure out how to get this shape with crochet all through the week. The first three tests I did just didn't have the result I wanted. This one was the best of the bunch and worth my time to explore. This is done on a micro scale. This is the test for a full-size shawl. I used the planned increases and decreases just as I will for the full-size shawl. It gives a great representation of the shape of the finished shawl. I learned this trick from a knitter who introduced me to the 5 Shawls in 5 Days Challenge. Don't knit, or crochet, a full-size shawl when you can learn everything you need to about the shaping from a miniature.
I picked up this Shawl in a Ball yarn on a whim while at the craft store last weekend and I figured this would be the perfect test. I think this hook is just a little too small for this yarn, but I'm going to keep with it as I like the resulting fabric. I'll update you on this project as it comes along. This one will be simple double crochet to let the ombre yarn do the work. Maybe I'll experiment with different stitch designs once I know how this life-size test works out.
Last weekend I pieced this perfect backing. I thought I had a tutorial for my favorite way to piece quilt backing but it seems that was in a post and not on a page. Perhaps I should revisit that.
The backing was for this fun quilt top I made ages and ages ago. I've quilted it and it just needs to be trimmed and bound.

Because I like to support creative people in being creative and in being paid fairly for their hard work, here is a link to some work by an artist that was asked to create for free or for "exposure." Check it out and remember you have worked long and hard on your creativity, don't give it away.

Tired of Being Asked to Work for Free, This Artist Started Drawing These Client Requests

If you want to learn more about calculating how much you should charge for your work, no matter what kind of creative work you make, you should check out Sam Hunter's We Are $ew Worth It collection of articles and resources. It is totally worth your time.

Stay creative and make!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stringing Along

I have been making string blocks for a long time. Long enough that it is time to make something. If you want to learn more about string blocks, and how I made these blocks using my vintage treadle sewing machine, check out this post from over a year ago. I joined the blocks using a more modern machine but that had more to do with the time I had and the fact that I had house guests than anything else.
I piece my string blocks on a thin paper foundation like Bonnie Hunter suggests in her free tutorial. I used Electric Quilt 7 to make sure I had enough blocks and got piecing.
This quilt will be about a queen size at about 89" by 97" or so. That depends on the final border but that is the plan. It is bright and scrappy and absolutely awesome.

If you want to see the story behind my vintage sewing machine (nearly 100 years old and still sews a pretty stitch) my adventure began in this post from 2014. Old sewing machines are amazing creations that will outlive me just like mine lived longer than my gran.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Vivid Pink

February's number for the 2017 UFO Challenge was to finish this pink quilt. This one would be easy be cause I already had the top done, the backing bought, and the binding cut.
I pieced the backing, stitched a label onto the backing, and loaded it all onto the frame. There is so much movement for this simple quilt.
I decided to keep it simple when it came to quilting. I used the swirl flower and swirls to fill in the space quickly. As a measure, I think I used a little over three bobbins for this project. Not too dense.
After piecing together the binding I added it by machine and finished it by machine. A quick finish and another project done for the year.

You can see my list of 12 projects in this post. That makes two months and two finishes.