Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Charity Quilting

A few more quilts quilted for Annapolis Quilts for Kids.
Each of these was pieced by another member of Quilts for Kids.
Each was quilted with a coordinating thread. This one is awesome. Because any excuse to quilt with orange thread is awesome.

2016 Charity Quilt Count: 15

Monday, May 2, 2016

In the Mail Monday: Superior Threads

I recently shared a link to Superior Threads about a sale they were having on their home use sewing machine needles. I was then asked about my review. Like all things I share links for, I use these needles. The larger eye of the topstitch needle is great for reducing shredding of embroidery threads.
I use the pink (90/14) in my embroidery machine. I changed the needle before stitching out the design on my recent Craft is Art tote bag project.
One of my favorite things about being a club member is that I can throw all the things they have on special into my club shipment and pay no additional shipping. This month I added some Magnifico in black and white. The needles were on sale as was one of the cones of So Fine #50. I love having such a great collection of colors for quilting.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Udaberri Mystery Knit Along

I caked up this handpainted Stroll from Knit Picks to start a new project.
Isn't it pretty in a pretty cake?
I've jumped onto the Udaberri MKAL hosted by Ardilanak on Ravelry.
I love learning new ways to shape knit fabric and this one promised to do that. And to teach me not to be afraid of lace. These lace panels are simple but that doesn't mean it has been smooth sailing. I must have unknit that second lace section twice before I got it right. Remember, the lifeline is your friend! (Learn how to use a lifeline with this video.)
I've been asked how I manage to get so much knitting done. It's easy. You knit at every opportunity. This is knitting at Sunday breakfast between the coffee and the meal. I also knit a couple rows on the ride to our breakfast spot and home. Don't lose those little moments. Remember, you can talk and knit. Unless you're turning the heel on a sock. Then you should focus on the knitting.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Knitting Update: Dotted Rays Finish

I finally ran out of the fun rainbow Tempting Ewe and shifted to the beautiful blue/purple Tempting Ewe on my latest Dotted Rays shawl.
The bind off is not a quick process but it is so satisfying to see it slipping off the needles and showing itself.
I love the blocking process. I can take the knit and shape it in interesting ways.
I know that garter stitching isn't for everyone but I do like the finished look of this shawl.
Look at the rainbow of colors in this fun yarn.
Unlike my last Dotted Rays shawl, this one is more human-sized than my last one. 93" from tip to tip.
I had better hurry up with my shawl phase, I'm running out of cool spring mornings to wear them. I'll be well prepared come fall!