Monday, December 11, 2017

Mystery Quilt: On Ringo Lake

Time for part 3!

I've participated in the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt a few years now. Check out my posts for clue #1 and clue #2. You'll also find links to the link party Bonnie hosts each week at the bottom of each post. Even if I am a little behind with the sewing I'm trying to keep up with the blog posts so I can link up with the weekly link party. 
This week we're making something different. Head over to Bonnie's blog for all the details on how to cut, sew and press these units. I'm only using three different pink fabrics.
I did manage to finish up the rest of clue number two late on Sunday evening.  

Linking up with Bonnie's link-party. Check out her post On Ringo Lake Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 3 (link will be active when I get a chance to link it up) to see all the other links people are sharing. Hundreds of quilters link up to share their progress.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Charity Quilting

I've been busier than I want to be with work and travel and other boring things And I haven't gotten as much done as I would like. I did manage to squeeze in a couple charity quilts, though.
These humble strip quilts were made using leftover strips and squares from other Quilts for Kids projects. I love using these leftover bits to make something fun. There won't be a meeting for Annapolis Quilts for Kids this month so these will wait until the new year to be dropped off.

I used Bonnie Hunter's directions to make my string blocks using pages from the phone book. Check out her String Quilting Primer if you have time.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

So Many Strips

When I get to the end of a piece of fabric I try to cut it to usable sizes. I cut my binding at 2.5" and use a double-fold binding so I often cut my scraps to 2.5" wide and save them away for a rainy day. I've been meaning to use some of these to make something for a while. Instead of spending more money on more fabric, I decided it was time to pull out these strips and make some blocks. I was inspired by Bonnie Hunter's Hourglass Leader Ender challenge from 2016 for the design of these blocks. Her design is still in the free patterns section of her blog.
I had some wide backing fabric leftover from more than a couple quilts (that teal fabric that makes the square) so I used it to make some blocks. I am really pleased with how to use of a single color for the center of each strip set gives the blocks a cohesive look.
Unfortunately, I was a little too scrappy with my selections. I love the blocks, but they don't tell a cohesive story. Some of these will end up in the 12.5" block bin to become part of an orphan block quilt. (We'll look in that bin sometime in January to see what's left over from 2017.)
I sorted all those strips into color families. The green stack was the tallest, so I decided to use it along with some of the browns and yellows to tell a cohesive color story. There will still be plenty of scrappiness in this quilt.
I may write detailed block tutorial at some point, but for now I'll just list the tools I use to make the cuts. These blocks are trimmed to 12.5" by 12.5" after assembly. The Tucker Trimmer III is a great tool for squaring up these large blocks.
I'll keep adding to these as I have time. Such a fun project.

Cutting tools:
Creative Grids 6.5" x 24.5" Rectangle Quilting Ruler
EZ Quilting Easy Angle 6.5-inch
The Strip Tube Ruler
Tucker Trimmer III

Monday, December 4, 2017

Mystery Quilt: On Ringo Lake

Time for part 2!

This year I have changed up the colors for the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. Check out last week's post where I shared my colors

This week, we're making tiny flying geese units. Head over to Bonnie's On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt page to see all the steps and the link-up information. 
Saturday morning I used the Wrights 4.5" Easy Angle and the Wrights Companion Angle to cut my pieces. I don't have as much diversity in the prints for this color, but I think the scrappiness of the rest of the fabrics will keep things interesting. Bonnie provides directions on several methods to make the flying geese units. There are loads more out there. Try a few to see what you like.
I cut what seemed like a thousand (for piece counts you have to go read Bonnie's page). I stacked them all up and am working on them a little at a time. Now that the cutting is done, I can work on these during the week when I have a little bit time. 
I finished a few and I'm really happy with the accuracy I get using these tools. 

All the information on the mystery quilt can be found on Bonnie Hunter's blog. There is a ton of other information there including tutorials and free quilt and block designs. She is an excellent teacher and I recommend checking out her site even if you don't want to join in the mystery quilt fun.

Cutting tools: Wrights 4.5" Easy Angle and Wrights Companion Angle

Linking up with Bonnie's link-party. Check out her post On Ringo Lake Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 2 to see all the other links people are sharing. Hundreds of quilters link up to share their progress.