Monday, July 25, 2016

In the Mail Monday: ZipIt!

I love bag projects with zippers. So much that when I buy zippers it seems I'm buying them by the pound.
Sadly, you can't actually buy them by the pound, but you can buy them by the dozen. Or the 25 pack, or the 50 pack, or even the 100 pack. A for an exceedingly reasonable price, too. I buy my zippers from Zipit Zipper Supply. Great prices and excellent service.
I quickly sorted these into the appropriate bags. I sort by size instead of color. I always know what size zipper I want. I like to be able to easily audition several colors when selecting a zipper.

What do I plan on making with some of these zippers? I am working on the goodies for my swap partner in the "all that and a bag of handmade" swap hosted by The Nosy Pepper and Sey Donna Made. They host some of the best swaps on Instagram. You should totally check them out. I'm going to be deciding which of several zippered projects to make. On my short list: Open Wide Pouch by Noodle-head, the Dumpling Pouch from Michelle's Patterns, and a zippered coin purse, or eyeglasses case like this one from Craftsy. So many great projects out there and only so much time. Now that I have all these zippers I can focus on the projects.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Another Love Is Update

It took me all week to go from this...
to this. Finding the time to get these bigger projects done has become such a challenge since changing to this new job. I'm glad I do find the time to work on these meaningful projects and do things that I need to do to stay sane and productive. And do the laundry, and pay the bills, and love my family. And all the other things an adult should do.
Parting shot: Some deer that I happened across during my afternoon walk a couple weeks ago. Because getting up and moving is just as important as being creative.

I will pass the quilted and trimmed quilt to another member of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild to attach the binding. Then they just need labels and they will be ready to go off to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild

I've run out of interesting things to share for the week. See you on Monday when maybe I'll share something fun, or colorful, or exciting.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nametag Swap and Fabric Challenge

At the last meeting of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild I participated in a wonderful name tag swap. The first design I made was an embroidered cat based on an image from her website.
Then, I worried that it wasn't quilty enough so I quilted one. My free motion isn't perfect, but I'm really pleased with the outcome of this name tag.
I also received a fun name tag in exchange from yet another maker. I love it when a swap goes well.
There was also a fabric challenge as part of our quilt making for charity. The challenge works like this: bring 1 yard of fabric and your scissors. Snip you fabric and rip it into two pieces. Drop one piece at your feet. Pass the other piece to your right and take the fabric from the person on your left. Repeat until you have seven pieces. This is my stack of fabric, in descending sizes. The smallest piece is big enough to cut one 4" square.
I was really digging my color choices until that little snippet of lavender sneaked in at the end. I'm going to use it, though.
I've pulled some other solids from my stash and I think this will be a fun one. This is my final pull of fabrics. I've been merrily cutting the fabrics down into 4" squares to make into an equally tall stack of 3.5" half-square triangle blocks. This will likely lead to the whole project spending too much time on my design wall, but I don't mind.

Have you joined in a fabric or color challenge recently? This one sounded great and I'm glad I joined in.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Fibre Share Swap

When I joined the Fibre Share swap I knew I wanted to make things for my partner. It's what I do. It's who I am. A maker. I dyed some amazingly soft superwash fingering from Knit Picks in colors that my partner liked.
I made a knitting project bag using Noodle-head's free tutorial. The embroidery on the front is from Urban Threads. The zippers are from the always amazing ZipIt Zipper Supply. I quilted the outer bag panels on the long arm before assembling the bag. This bag is perfect for a project that uses 200 grams or less of yarn. You can fit the yarn and your project inside and the wrist strap helps you keep the bag with you when you are out and about. (I'll be writing a more detailed post about the bags and how I loaded them onto the long arm for qulting.) Use those few minutes waiting for appointments to stitch. Don't let idle time be wasted time.
I made two bags for my swap partner. I had picked up some fun knit-themed fabric at a quilt show and this was the perfect project.
When I put it all together the package looked like this. Yarn I dyed, some purple from the Knitting Boutique, two project bags and some other little goodies. It was also the perfect way for me to pass along my favorite shawl knitting needle. It seems I bought two the same size.
But what did you get? Well, let me tell you! I got my own stack of awesome. This is the bag of yummy yarns and goodies I received from my partner.
I love everything about this package. They yarn is amazing! so soft and beautiful. The yarn at the top is La Bien Aimee and I love the colors. The wonderful speckled yarn is from Julie Asselin. I see another warm and luscious shawl in my future. The magazine is almost too pretty to be a magazine. The stitch markers are my new favorite. I've already put them to use on a new shawl project.

Have you joined any fun swaps recently? Have you found a fun, new yarn that you are just in love with?