Monday, August 29, 2016

In the Mail Monday

I finally decided it was time to try out some Jazz Handz Fusion Fiber. Look at how nicely this packaged for me!
I ordered two cakes in the Bird of Paradise colorway. Three luscious colors of cotton that will become something awesome. As soon as I figure out what that will be. These colors are just so bright and fun! You should check out more amazing colors at Jazz Handz Fusion Fiber. I almost picked up the color Exploding TARDIS. Maybe next time.
My latest thread club order came from Superior Threads. I also added another cone of Masterpiece in Graystone to the bin and some pre-wound bobbins. These are perfect for the embroidery machine so having a few dozen in different colors is handy. I always try to pick them up when they are on sale.
Lastly was this amazing dragon sheath made by Dog Might Games. This is the second Kickstarter of theirs of I have supported and I'm more than pleased with the product. This is a highly customizable dice holder that is sure to meet the high expectations of many a gamer. I may have to order another one of these.

It's time to get to work on those mid-winter gifts, folks!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Tiny Knitting: 5 Shawls in 5 Days

I came across the 5 shawls in 5 days challenge and couldn't resist. If you want to learn the basic construction techniques for knitting shawls this is a great introduction to several shapes. this is the first, a simple triangular shawl. 
Then the crescent shawl. This is before I blocked the tiny thing.
The 3/4 shawl. I think I will have to ponder this shape for a while before I decide to knit a full-sized shawl. Good construction technique, though. I wonder how hard it will be to make it have another point?
The asymmetrical shawl. This is the basic boomerang shape and I'm still not convinced that I like it for a shawl.  
The final shape was the swirl. Mine isn't perfect as it seems I dropped a stitch somewhere. Another one that I think I may have to play with to get it to work with my creative style.
Finally, is the lacy one on the bottom. This is one that has been knocking around in my brain for a while. I was pretty sure it would work, but hadn't gathered the nerve to actually knit it until now. I'm working on the 7th tiny shawl. I think I'll knit doll-sized shawls for all my experiments.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Long Arm Quilting Panel

I was asked by my guild, the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild, to participate in a long arm quilting panel.
I am not a professional long arm quilter. I would love to be a professional quilter, but with a full-time job it just isn't in my schedule. I do quilt for charity quite a bit and love, love, love doing it. I put together some informational cards and stuffed a bag with quilts for the panel. I sat on the panel with two professional long arm quilters. Their work is amazing. Their knowledge was impressive, too.
I figured I could share a little bit about what I shared during the panel. I took some thread color cards and more than a little thread.
Needles for comparison.
Bobbins for comparison.
A selection of threads.

I will admit, I asked as many questions as I answered. It was a great experience and I hope I didn't ramble too much for people. There is so much to quilting that I know I will never be able to learn it all.

Monday, August 22, 2016

It's in the Bag

I've been working on more than a couple fun knitting project bags over the last week. Pattern is based on the great, free tutorial from Noodle-Head.
First was this fun knitting fairy bag. The machine embroidery design is from Urban Threads and was the perfect thing for a knitting project bag.
I also stitched up a couple more. One with the fun knit-themed fabric I picked up at a quilt show and the always fun Waking Dead fabric. The blood splatter fabric is the perfect companion. Zippers from ZipIt Zipper Supply.
Finally, we have the package I received as part of the All That and a Bag of Handmade swap. Look at all these great things! I love swaps where my partner puts thought into my package and comes p with something awesome! This was perfect. Fun colors and great finished objects. I think the phone case (purple on the bottom right) is my absolute favorite!