Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Big Move, Day Three

Since the room was so horrible, we decided to stay the shortest amount of time possible. By 6:45am we were checked out and back on the road. When we told the nomadic bunny-man that he would be staying behind, he ran away and hid in the tissue dispenser in the bathroom. We were just glad he didn't hide under the bed, we were afraid of what was under there.

By 7:35am, we were stopping so everyone could fuel up at $4.09/gallon.

By 8:30 we had left Indiana for Illinois. Welcome to Chicago. I missed the sign for welcome to Illinois, but they welcomed us to Chicago anyway. Traffic that made me swear. At least it was Saturday and it wasn't that horrible, just really crowded any frustrating the way only city driving can be. Some time in Illinois, the Kid's EZ-Pass quit registering. He'd try to pull through an EZ-Pass, or i-Zoom, or whatever lane and the bar just wouldn't go up. This happened twice, with the nice attendant coming out and saying helpful things like: "Just wave it around."

Drive, drive, drive. Around 11:00am, we had completed our time in Illinois and were on our way through Wisconsin. Yet again, I missed the "Welcome to" sign. Cow country. Cheese country. Very pretty country, especially if you're just passing through. Another stop to fuel up the Taurus at $3.87/gallon. Not too bad, compared to what we had been paying. Everyone should have gotten fuel at that stop, it was going to be so much worse at the next stop.

Around 2:00pm we had left Interstate 90/94 for I-94. The next stop for fuel was indeed more painful than the last stop. $4.13/gallon at a wonderful place that had the most interesting giant sculptures. The giant buck, the huge orange moose and the mouse holding the standard lump of Wisconsin cheese. Lunch took us about an hour and cost us another nomadic bunny-man. We were back on the road around 4:00pm, or was it 3:00pm? I'm pretty sure the time changed around there somewhere. I decided to just stay on Eastern Daylight Time until we stopped for the night.

Around 6:00pm, we had left Wisconsin for Minnesota. Just a little ways into the state we pulled off and found the nearest Super 8. Clean room, but no Internet. Grrr!!! We moved down a couple floors, for a room closer to the wireless router. Still not the best, but we didn't have to leave the room to find the Internet. Dinner next door and another bunny-man finds a home.

Miles Traveled: 520 (Approx.)

Road Kill Statistics
1 Polecat
1 Possum
3 Raccoons
4 Deer, 1 Live deer trying to decide if it really wanted to cross the road
17 Unknown
3 Splats (I was really bored)
1 Unidentified critter than nearly ran a Chevy off the road.

I just wanted to show everyone the co-pilot that is keeping the Kid on track. He's quiet, doesn't drink your Mountain Dew and never needs a bathroom break. Of course, he can't look out the window and tell you it's clear to get over either.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Big Move, Day Two

The day started as early as we could get the Kid out of bed. We went for the continental breakfast and hit the road about 9:30am. By 11:05, we were fueling up again, at $3.99/gallon.

At 11:47am we reached Ohio, leaving the beautiful state of Pennsylvania behind us. What was the most interesting change? Well, Ohio seems to police up their road kill quite effectively.

The next stop for gas was about 279 miles down the road, at $4.00/gallon.

At 4:58pm we finally left Ohio for the wonderful state of Indiana. Indiana cares about their road kill. They have sensors on the side of the road, complete with flashing lights that indicate that something larger than a raccoon has wandered into the road.

The weather decided to turn foul, not too long after we headed into Indiana. Giant raindrops pelted the cars, making everyone wonder if the tarps would really keep everything dry. I wonder what I’ll have to replace. Okay, not really. I can just buy another one.

About 7:00pm we pulled off the interstate and went in search of a place to spend the night. We had a little trouble finding the Super 8 Motel. After a phone call, and some driving in circles, we found that it had been converted to a Motel 6. Quite possibly, the worst Motel 6 I have ever stayed in. The Kid: “This is classic. It just gets better every time I touch something.” The outlets in the room are dodgy, the paint is peeling, there is a dog barking next door, the towels are dingy, the TV doesn’t get signal, there is no alarm clock or coffee maker, and housekeeping didn’t really do that good a job cleaning up after the last tenant. By time I was really disgusted by the state of the room, we really weren’t in the mood to leave. It was already 8:00pm. We’ll leave the light on for you.

Oh, yeah, have I mentioned that we don’t get the Internet in the room? That’s right, I had to create the draft and then walk down the hall to get a connection.

Miles Traveled: 438 (Approx.)

Road Kill Statistics

Unknown: 13

Possum: 3

Raccoon: 1

Just for the record, I do not count splatters, or lumps too small to identify as having been an animal.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Big Move, Day One

After a rocky start of loading the rest of our stuff into the truck and the trailer, we got out on the road about 9:30am. By 10:00am, my dog had decided she really didn't like riding in the car, nor did she want to keep down her breakfast. Not even thirty minutes into the drive and I was cleaning up dog vomit at the first gas stop. How much was the gas at that first stop? BJ's Club price at $3.91/gallon.

I had convinced Honey to buy a small tarp, only to find that it would indeed have covered the bed of the pickup, but not the stuff in the bed of the pickup. After the vomit clean-up and the fueling, we stopped at Home Despot to pick up another tarp and some more line. I spent about 30 minutes trying to ensure the trailer would keep the contents inside. I also had to tie down the tarp on the pickup again.

After the tarps, we broke for breakfast. Denny's is a wonderful place, if you know what you want and what you want is breakfast. We left the first of the nomadic bunny-men at the Denny's in Rhode Island. I hope the server gives him a good home.

Back on the road by 11:30am. More vomiting before noon. We hadn't even left the state of Rhode Island before she had completely ruined her dog bed, wagged vomit onto me and made me nearly puke in sympathy. By Connecticut she had decided that the best way to deal with her motion sickness was to sleep.

Our next gas stop wasn't far away, just the other side of New York. It seems the trailer ruins the gas mileage on the Taurus. Price: $4.03/gallon in New Jersey. New Jersey is afraid of credit fraud, or something. That is the price for credit, the cash price was lower by about $0.15/gallon.

About 3:00pm, more dog vomit. At least she is keeping most of it in her bed, on the clean towel I put down to soak up the massive amounts of drool that seems to proceed vomit.

On the other side of New Jersey, finally into Pennsylvania, another gas stop at $3.97/gallon.

Our final stop for the day, somewhere in Pennsylvania. Gas for everyone at $3.98/gallon.

Last nomadic bunny-man is dropped off at the Dutch Pantry, a family diner across the street from the Super 8.

Interesting statistics that you can't do anything with:

Roadkill counts (your results may vary)
1 Raccoon
1 Polecat
3 Deer
5 Unidentifiable critters, most likely not deer

Miles traveled: 448 (approx.)

Lastly, here is a wonderful picture of Pennsylvania. I wish I had a digital recorder so I could record the wonderful sounds of the big trucks making their way down the interstate.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Big Move... Beginnings

As most of you have noticed, it has been quite some time since I posted. Some of that has been work related. Well, okay, most of it has been work related. I really haven't had much time to work on much of anything crafty. Most recently, we have been gearing up for the big move to Montana. Yes, Montana. Yes, yes. I really said Montana.

So, to keep everyone updated, you'll see occasional posts, assuming I can get the Internet from my hotel room. Follow us, virtually, as we traipse across the North American continent.

As of today, we have cleared out as much of the house as we can. We have loaded one trailer, one pickup and two cars with as much stuff as we dare. Tomorrow, along with our two mutts, we will begin the monumental task of travelling from point A to point B.

Oh, a project? You wanted to hear about a project? Well, the only project I still have with me (everything else is in a box, on a truck, on the way to Montana) is the never-ending Doctor Who scarf. I'd love to give you a pic, but I'm afraid to measure it. Very, very afraid. I do have this picture, but you can't really tell much about that pesky, never-ending scarf. It is the kind of green blob sticking out of the top of that knitting-project bag. I have to really work to get the thing in there. My estimate? About 80% complete.

Who is this little guy? Well, you will have to wait and find out.