Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Update

Just a little catching up. I'm much better at sewing than I am at blogging.
This week I had to travel for work. We won't be covering that, but we will see what kind of knitting I took on the plane. Big plastic needles will go through security. They also ensure a quick project that can be (almost) completed by the time you get home. What I ended up with was a scarf that is nearly ten feet long (I didn't measure it, but I'm pretty sure it comes close). Perfect for wrapping a few times or wrap it just once and let the ends dangle to your knees.
I finished another bag using the wonderful pattern Bow Tucks Tote from Quiltsillustrated, Inc. I didn't use more than an inner and outer fabric but I really like it the way it is. (Note: I didn't put the images through an editing program, so the colour is a little washed out. The brown is a wonderful, dark shade of chocolate.)
This is a good-sized bag. I had intended to finish it before my trip but sometimes things just take longer than I think they will.Here is what that great bag looks like in two prints.The inside boasts no less than eight pockets, perfect for keeping your stuff organized.While looking for fabric for one project or another, I found an assortment of Halloween prints. I thought they would make great little bags. Something for the small trick-or-treater or as goody bags for a party. Now all I need is a party.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sewing Saturday

We were short a few ladies this week, but we still managed to finish one thing. The most important thing, I think.
How many ladies does it take to make one diaper bag? Three! One to cut, one to iron and one to sew it all together. A bag like no other.