Friday, September 19, 2008

The 6-gore Skirt Adventure - Part Two

The final chapter on the muslin test skirt that got completely out of control.

After the button placket and buttons, I sewed all the pieces together, pressed the seams open, and finished the detail stitching on the seams.

Then it was time to add the waistband. Other than it was about 1/2 inch too short, it worked out well. Since I had serged all the edges of the waistband, it wasn't that important. It's hidden by the button flap anyway.

That's pretty much where I left off last night. I had spent so much time on it that I just couldn't take much more. I left the hem for the morning.

Since the pattern was drafted with about three inches for hem allowance, I made a line three inches up from the bottom and used the serger to make a clean bottom edge. Now, where did I leave that box of left over quilt binding... Ah, there it is.

I found a length of binding long enough to go all the way around the hem, lucky me. I really didn't want to piece one together unless I had to.

Once around with the machine and it was time to get to the hand work. A quick press all around to set the stitches and I was off. A quick break for breakfast slowed me down a little, but it wasn't lone before I was back on track with the last of the binding.

I decided that I was so proud of my hippie skirt that I would wear it today. Nice warm day, perfect for a flowing skirt.

Since I was wearing the skirt, you get this final picture, showing the wonderful binding at the hem. Okay, so it also shows my hippie toes, too.

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