Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crafty Sunday

Along with the necessities of a weekend, I've managed to finish a project or two. The day has been particularly windy, or there might have been more pictures. I like outdoor shots, but if your crafted items blow away... well, maybe I'll get those pictures taken another day.

First up, we have this really odd shape. What is that?

Have you seen the little boxes in the craft stores that look just like you should get some Chinese take-out? Well, I wanted to try to create one with fabric.

This is what you start with. Okay, not exactly. You really start with some fabric, an iron and some fusible material. Then you get something like this.

A little bit of zig-zag stitching around the edges and fold lines. Then a short piece of florist wire. Ta-da! You have a (not-so-) simple little box to put some small gift in.

That's right, I have no idea what I'll do with it. The good news is that I'll be prepared if I ever do figure it out. And, I've proved that it can be done.

Next up, is this cute little basket I made using similar techniques.

There is a great book about creating fabric bowls. I don't own it, but a friend did lend me her copy a long time ago. I fiddled with a piece of paper until I'd gotten the general idea, found my materials and come up with this basket. Prompted mostly by my general dislike of the baskets at the store. I think this is much more bunny-worthy. Bright, spring colors and plenty of room for this little bits of chocolaty goodness.

I also thought this would make the perfect basket to gift some yarn in. The colorful balls of woolly goodness piled inside, making quiet promises of warmth. Mmm...


  1. I love the take-out box. What did you use to give the fabric structure? And did you trace a box for the pattern?

  2. Actually, the fabric doesn't have as much structure as I wanted. It is just two pieces of woven cotton fused together. The next time I do it, I think I'll put at least some paper in the middle, or some interfacing to give it a little strength.

    Yes, I did just trace a box. It made me wonder how long I've been toting those little boxes around. My hope is that I picked them up in RI.


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