Saturday, November 15, 2008

My latest sweater.

After a few weeks, you can actually knit up something bigger than socks.

This is some bulky, washable wool yarn I purchased over a year ago in Portsmouth, NH. There is a very nice little shop there. I tired to visit every time we stopped. I picked up this yarn as part of a discontinuation sale. That's why I had only the quantity I had, which was barely enough to finish the sweater. (After the sweater was done, I only threw away the little bits you have left over after working in the bitter ends.)

I should have used a provisional cast-on around the middle of the chest, worked from there to the collar. Then, gone back and worked from the provisional cast-on to the hem. It turned out I ended up pulling out the hem from where I'd joined a ball of yarn just to finish the collar. Then I had to go back and work the bottom ribbing. Working ribbing isn't my favorite thing, having to do it twice for the same sweater has made me realize the provisional cast-on is a great idea.

Next on the needles? Fingerless mitts that come half-way to my elbow. Winter comes to some sooner than others. I need something to keep my wrists warm when I take the dogs out. Just shoving my hands in my pockets isn't working.

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