Monday, June 8, 2009

Sewing bliss and yarn.

Today, I took Honey to the airport. I also stopped at the JoAnn Fabrics to see if they had another sewing machine for me to kill. I lucked out. I found a machine that will meet my needs, and it was on sale.The only problem I have with the new sewing machine is that it does not use the same bobbins as my last machine. Now I have more than twenty bobbins that I can't use. Grrr!! Maybe I'll be able to find a machine that can not only use those bobbins, but that can tolerate my level of usage.

On the horrible two-hour drive, I got stuck behind big, slow things at least twice. Nothing makes a long drive seem longer than going slowly.

Once home, I ate lunch and the postman was kind enough to bring me a wonderful box.I'm sure this picture does not capture the wonderful colors of these fingering weight yarns. The names are wonderful, too. From left to right: Wicked Witch, Looking Glass, Seven Dwarves and Evil Stepmother. (J and C thank you so much for the gift card. I spent it all at once, I'm afraid.)

Remember, life is too short to knit with bad yarn. Check out Knit Picks for great yarns!


  1. It's fabulous, silky, warm, colorful yarn. I enjoy it as much in the hank as I do in a garment, which is a good thing since I have yet to finish a pair of socks in it.

    Do you wind your balls by hand?

  2. I do wind the balls by hand. I'm frugal (most translate that as "cheap") so I don't own a winder.


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