Monday, September 21, 2009

Commercial Grade

Sometimes, even on a stressful day, something wonderful happens.

Today, after a crazy day at work, I came home to find this box sitting on my front porch. (We won't mention that I didn't have to sign for said item, it would only make me grumpy anyway.)

What does a commercial grade sewing machine look like? It is a thing of beauty. It is a thing that should take me years and years to wear out.

I had a similar model, in the "home sewing" category, that gasped, let out some smoke and died.

My next step, or the step up from here, is when I have enough room for a really big, really expensive, with a really big motor, industrial sewing machine.

Gotta run! Sewing to be done.

1 comment:

  1. Holy sweet jiminy!!! Now that looks like one that could withstand a hurricane. Congratulations on your new baby! That would sure brighten up my day too. Let us know your next creative ideas.

    Oh, and instead of 'easy' let's use words like straightforward, trouble-free, or uncomplicated. =)

    I kinda like the delivery guys...if they're bringing me stuff. If it's jeep parts, I growl.


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