Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fashion Victim

I had a crazy idea. An idea that turned into a really silly project. I went ahead with it anyway. I'll just call this one a "proof of concept" and carry on.

Sure, Christmas stockings are cute, but they could be cuter. Really.

I had some Halloween fabric that I thought would make a good witch stocking-like thing. Well, it is a stocking, but something completely different.

I started with the stocking. While looking for some fabric, I found some tulle. I couldn't resist. Ooh, some ribbon might be nice. The result is cute, silly, and more than a little tacky. I like them anyway.

Hang it on your door to let the ghouls know you've got candy.

No witches were harmed in the making of these stockings.

Lastly, I finished my latest knitting project, new fingerless mitts to replace the pair I made last year. It was a rough year. Made from 100% wool. Hand-dyed wool. I also started on a cap in the same wool. Okay, not exactly the same, it was hand-dyed another color.

I'm also going to use all of the silly Halloween fabric I have, not to make more witch stockings, but to make simple little bags for the little ghouls.

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