Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grab Bag, Continued

Since I got the fabric one Thursday afternoon, I had it all cut out and ready to sew. Today, I put it all together. Here are two grab bags. Each the mirror image of the other. Dark with light lining, light with dark lining. Very stylish.WARNING: If you buy too much fabric for a project, you may end up with more finished items than you intended.

I also dug through my stash and found a bunch of triangles that begged to become something more than tiny scraps of fabric. Which brings us to this pieced bag. Same pattern, different look entirely.The lining is wonderfully mismatched, which is just more stash busting magic.Lastly, I've been working on these great pen/pencil rolls for a few weeks. It's those little finishing touches (buttons) that slow me down. Here are three of them. One rolls up and stays that way with simple ties. The other two (three counting the one you can't see) have a pair of mismatched buttons and a nice elastic to keep them closed. I'm sure I can accomplish something more today... I wonder what it will be...

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