Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kindle Bag: Take One

How does one go about making a little padded case for the Kindle? I decided to find out. First, I picked out a cute little print and some coordinating flannel. I measured the Kindle and decided on an appropriate seam allowance. I cut out all the bits and got with the sewing.
I added in some batting to make the little bag a little more protective. I sewed it all up with a wrist strap to make it easy to carry.I should have provided for a little more seam allowance. The Kindle does fit, it is just a very snug fit.There you have it! A simple bag to hold your Kindle. I think I'll go work on those numbers again to make it a little easier to get the book reader in and out of the bag. Maybe decide on a flap or some other closure... hmmm... such wonderful possibilities. Or, I'll try the same thing for the iPad.

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