Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Little House: The Sewing Suite-Part Two

I have nearly finished with all the work I'm going to do to the house this year. The latest project is to finish up the floors in the sewing suite.Look at poor Slick, the movers dismembered him. At any rate, here is a view of the other side of the sewing suite before I got busy moving everything out so I could pull up the last of the evil carpet this house has been using to harbor smells, dirt and less savory things.
This morning, I started with an empty room. Time to tear up the carpet. Hammer: check. Screwdriver: check (although I have no idea why I needed that). Utility knife: check. Eleven-in-one tool: check (this is the most awesome tool I've ever had, no homeowner should be without one).
Carpet up, time to take up the padding. Padding that was was stuck down with some pretty sturdy double-sided tape.
After a couple hours, I've discovered the floor beneath. Whew! Time for my contractors to get here with the tools and expertise to cover it up with something much more pleasing. Then I get to move all the stuff back in.

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