Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wild Ones

I'm sure I mentioned at some point that I've created another quilt-maker.  It was mostly by accident.  Well, not really.  More like she wanted to learn and I just can't turn up a chance to teach.
I gave her the basic tools for piecing and she's run off and gone quilt-crazy.  (I think she's made... no less than five quilt tops and that's just this year.) That's right, she's my kind of gal!  She made this warm and wild quilt for her sister and left the quilting to me. 
I decided that a nice sharp stipple would best.  It almost echos the animal prints in this quilt.  That flannel leopard-print back makes it so snuggly.
She also put together this beauty for her mother.  The feel of the ocean is amazing.  
The pinwheels just pop out of the water.
I was a little torn about how to quilt this one, but I think I managed it without overdoing it or hiding the pinwheels.  The pattern is akin to gently lapping water.  No big waves here.
The back is light and this quilt practically floats.  Now that I've finished all the "work" I had to do, I can figure out what I'm going to do to relax.

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