Sunday, October 14, 2012

Plastic Monsters

We have been having friends over to play what we lovingly refer to as "plastic monsters."  Sure, that isn't what Wizards of the Coast calls it, but we are taking liberties with our entertainment titles.  Wizards of the Coast makes a fun little game called Wrath of Ashardalon.

During play, we would run out of table space for the continually expanding game board.  Honey, because he is so smart, said we needed a pedestal or small table to put the game board on during play, which would free up space on the table proper for our character cards, magic items and all those plastic monsters.
We poked around IKEA's website until we found what we thought were the proper components. 
To build this simple table we picked up the following from IKEA:
  • Vika Amon table top, $5.99
  • Capita 4" legs, $10.00
  • Dioder LED kit (includes four LED lights), $29.99 (they also have one that you can change the colors for $39.99)
I tried to capture the little reflections from the LEDs on the underside of the table.  I think it will work.  We have rather poor lighting in our dining room, so we couldn't just go with the table.

This post isn't meant as a tutorial, just to show what we put together.  I'll try to update with pictures of the table in-use during our next game.  The legs seem rather short, so we may have to pick up new legs, but that will be figured out during play.

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