Monday, September 30, 2013

100 Quilts for Kids

I've been making quilts for the Annapolis Quilts for Kids for almost a year now.  When I saw this post by Katie Blakesley over at Swim - Bike - Quilt I just had to get some pictures of this year's quilts in the mix.
We all know that I am in love with everything scrappy.  I had fun going through my fabrics to either cut some 6.5" squares or just see what I had in one of my many stacks of blocks.
I gave this one to a friend to put together.  I really like how she put her own little twist n the binding.
I have several stacks of "leftover" blocks.  Sure there is no such thing as leftover fabric.  When I cut down something and find that I have just enough, I'll cut that little leftover bit to either 6.5", 4.5" or into a 2.5" strip.  I have bins and bins of scraps, but these are stacked into neat little piles.
Oh, and the ever-popular 5" charm.  That stack is getting rather high.  I should do something about that. 

So, go check out Quilts for Kids and Annapolis Quilts for Kids.

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  1. I love patchwork. Such happy quilts. Thanks again for linking up to 100 Quilts this year. Happy sewing! I'm not too far away from you (northern va)


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