Monday, October 21, 2013

Quilts for Kids October Update

Last weekend I fought my way past miles and miles and miles of Renaissance Festival traffic to get to Annapolis Quilts for Kids.  I didn't arrive early enough to do any work, but I did drop off three quilts and pick up some kits for both quilts and bags.

The falling blocks quilt made with wonky blocks.
And this darling puppy quilt that sort of looks like they're jailhouse puppies.
I picked up a couple kits to make cute little quilted totes.  Here is my current stash of bag kits (I added to the five I picked up and now have about a dozen ready to put together.) and in the cubby I have about seven quilt kits in various stages of construction.  I'll have to share some of these or they'll never get done.
Sunday, I managed to finish up two of the totes.  Only a dozen left to go.  Who wants to help?

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