Monday, January 23, 2017

Starting Off the New Year with Charity Quilting

The first meeting of Annapolis Quilts for Kids was my opportunity to drop off this bag of finished quilts. These quilts were finished in 2016.
I picked up a couple kits, some scraps to make string quilts, enough 2.5" strips to make a jelly roll race quilt, two quilt tops with backings to finish, and some fabric for borders for string quilts. So many people contribute to Quilts for Kids by donating fabric. They are always looking for people to help with the sewing.
I picked mostly greens for the jelly roll race. I pieced together the top the same day.
I used part of my day on January 16th to quilt for Annapolis Quilts for Kids.
I quilted the two tops I had picked up and the green strip quilt. Not a bad start to the giving year.

2017 Charity Quilt Count: 3 
I'm just getting started!

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