Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Marled Magic Mystery Finish!

After what seemed like ages and ages of 1-cord bind-off I finished my Marled Magic Mystery Knit Along.
I wanted to see how it fit before I blocked it. It is a respectable size. Not that Stephen West designs small shawls. One of the surprised I had while making this shawl as that I had no idea how much purple yarn I had in my bin of leftovers. I still have some purple yarn, too. But much less than before I started this one.
I wet block my hand knits and this one turned out to be super-sized when wet. I measured it and the measurement (before removing from the blocking mat) was 10 feet 6 inches long on the top edge.
This one will require some wrapping to keep it off the ground if you're around the 5 foot tall mark.
All scrunched up it is just as awesome. I really like the striped yarn for the i-cord, too.
I really like the varied textures in this one and working with the different marled techniques was a wonderful color exercise. I look forward to the next project like this to use up my scraps. I'll have to make some leftovers to do it, though.

Marled Magic Mystery patter can be found on Ravelry.

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