Monday, December 10, 2018

Mystery Quilt: Good Fortune

Time again to share my Good Fortune Mystery Quilt progress. Clue number three!
This time we're making chevron units. I've learned over the last few mystery quilts that I can cut and piece these the most accurately if I make a template of the chevron piece. How do I do that? I cut a piece of paper the size required for the finished unit. Then I use the 4.5" Easy Angle Ruler to trim that piece to the correct parallelogram shape. I tape that template to the back of my 6.5" Easy Angle Ruler so I can easily put it over the top of my strips and cut the parallelograms quickly. I can also trim the points off to make it easier to line up the corners. I cut the corner pieces using the 4.5" Easy Angle Ruler. You do have to play with placement to make sure you cut so the trimmed corners match up with the parallelograms. I had my background fabric (the black on white print) turned upside down when I cut these. If you prefer to trim those points before sewing it doesn't really matter which way you cut the corners.

I won't give sizes for this unit at the request of the designer. If you want to know the measurement, you'll have to go to Quiltville and find the answers for yourself.
I cut all the pieces for the chevron units and set them aside to cut the part of the clue. 
I again used the appropriate size strips and the 4.5" Easy Angle Ruler to cut stacks and stacks of tiny triangles sets. I was so happy to find some more black-on-white prints and the right color turquoise in the right size strips in my strip bin. Those pre-cut strips made this step go a little faster. I also had some triangles leftover from another quilt that were already cut and just had to be paired with the turquoise triangles. Bonnie also has a great video tutorial on how to use her Essential Triangle Tool to make half-square triangle units. 

I'll be piecing these forever!

Tools and supplies (affiliate links):
Creative Grids 6.5" x 24.5" Rectangle
Fiskars Rotary Cutter
Fiskars Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat
BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron
Grabbit Magnetic Pin Cushion
Fiskars 8-inch scissors
Juki TL-2010Q
6.5" Easy Angle Ruler
4.5" Easy Angle Ruler
Creative Grids 6.5" Square Ruler

Linking up with Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Monday Link Up. Totally go see what other people are making on the Quiltville Blog!


  1. I can't wait to see these sewn together -- what a beautiful variety of teals!

  2. What a great idea! I wish I had known about this method before I cut all of my units. I'm stitching the bonus triangles with the tiniest little seam. I hope the seams are not going to fall apart on me after all of this work. I am a little concerned.

  3. I did that (well, a slight variation of it) with the chevrons for On Ringo Lake, but managed to mess up a bunch of them. Luckily the messed up ones could be trimmed down into HSTs for another project, so there was nothing wasted. I'm trying it Bonnie's way this time, but I'll probably end up wishing I did it your way! 8)
    You've got some fabulous teals! I'm looking forward to your Good Fortune!


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