Thursday, September 6, 2007

The great bathroom remodel of 2007. Day one.

Day one (Sept 5th):

So, I wanted to do some cosmetic things to the bath room. You know, change the vanity, the shower curtain, paint a little bit. Then, things went crazy.

First, the prep work: We removed all items from the closet and bath. Removed shelving from the closet (leaving holes in the wall that would need patching, some bigger than others). Removed the wallpaper trim that had been painted over by the previous owner. Removed the towel rod (which was put up by evil house sprites, because we had to destroy it it get it out of the room). Sanded the walls to remove the gloss finis. Patched the holes we put in the closet walls. Patched holes in the walls.

This is where it went from some cosmetic work to more work. Honey got the bright idea that we should pull out the fiber-glass surround to see what was behind it. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, really. Of course, the side with the faucet and the handles was a pain. So much of a pain that we broke off the end of the valve step taking every one of them off. We've decided that fixing the tile will be better than covering it back up. How hard can tile be?

Ran to Home Improvement store to get tile and tiling supplies/tools. Forgot to take valves for comparison purposes. Returned home.

Secured the water, pulled valves for comparison at the store. Returned to Home Improvement store for replacement valves and associated hardware.

Back home again. Put the valves in, without handles (there is still tile work to be done). Turned the water back on and tested. Yay! the water is back on, and the house isn't flooded. Of course, a shower won't be in my immediate future.

Wish me luck in Day Two.

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