Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just a little work on the "bathroom from hell" today.

Today we tried to keep things low stress. Just putting up the curtain rod, adding caulk around the faucet handles and putting the closet in order. Some things got thrown out, some got put in their new place. The room is by no means complete (paint still needs to go up and the door is still missing in action). It should be serviceable until my return. I'll be departing for a "cruise" tomorrow. I'll see you when I get back.

Here is the closet in finished form. I think we still have some things to go back in, but it shouldn't be a problem now that there's room for everything. Biggest plus? Everything is easy to find!

The long shot of the bath shows that I still need a decorative curtain for the shower. Right now there is something to keep the water in, but nothing to maintain privacy. The upside? It makes the room look just a little bit bigger.

When I return, you will get an update on my newest knitting project: A Doctor Who scarf (season 12, if you pay attention to such things). My recommendation for this project? Watch the show while knitting!

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