Friday, September 7, 2007

The Great Bathroom Remodel of 2007. Day Three.

The all grout, all the time show. (Sep. 7th)

So, how hard can it be to grout? Well... I manage to get all the grout up. Then the fun begins.

Now, we clean up the really big mess I made with the grout. Sponge, water, wring, repeat. Careful, don't pull that carefully installed grout. Take a break, do it some more.

Don't worry. If you you mess it up, you can just do it over! Ugh!

Good thing the tub finish is already messed up. I'll hire a guy to fix that, later.

The weather is great for it. Hot enough to help my grout set, and hot enough to make us miserable while we work.

Grout may look like nothing more than something to stick in between tiles. Until you've tried to remove semi-dry or dry grout, you don't really appreciate its strength.

Closet shelving went together too easily. The catch? Well, thy didn't exactly fit in there the way I wanted. Seems when you measure a space you should take the baseboard trim into account. Ah, well, I didn't like it anyway. Trim removed, the darn things still didn't want to go in. Hmm... took a break, came back, and... all those hours of playing Tetris pays off again. A metal plate, a couple of drywall screws and it almost looks built-in. Just don't look at the trim that's now conspicuously missing.

At one point, we heard a strange sound from the front of the house. Along the lines of a loud crack, and a bang. Quickly, we rushed to find a tree branch had freed itself from the tree and found it's escape route blocked by Kid's parking space. Thank goodness his car wasn't in it at the time.

Honey secured the water to replace the valve seats for all the new valves. Dandy new valve seat tool still can't do the job. Honey goes back downstairs to turn on the water. With my back to the spigot (mind you, it's nothing more than a chunk of copper sticking out of the wall), I knew exactly when the water came back on. A straight stream clear across the tub to soak my backside. The yelp of surprise did get the water turned back off. Valves closed, we turned the water back on.

Caulk, it's all about caulk. Around fixtures, the new soap dish and where the tile meets the tub or wall.

Honey finally said the tile is done. It isn't done to perfection, but he says I'm not allowed to worry about it, at least not any more this week. I guess the painting will get done next week, when I'm not here.

I'm so glad I just wanted to put up some paint and get a new vanity. Remodelling the bathroom was such a great idea.

The worst news of all: I still hate the floor tile, and while I hated it before, now it doesn't match the rest of the room.

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