Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Little House: The Front Room

I spent some time last week uncovering the stairs leading to the sewing suite. I was hoping I'd find some hard wood treads. Instead, I found this dark-finished pine. Not a problem. I like them anyway.Removing all that carpet made such a difference. I'm really glad I got it finished. It was mostly prompted by the floor finishing upstairs. Since the flooring continues across the landing, the carpet had to give at some point. Somewhere down the road, we'll have the stairs refinished to match the rest of the house.
Look at all those boxes. I'm really starting to dislike this unpacking business.
Aren't those hardwood floors pretty? Now, to get those guys in here to put down the baseboard trim.
Okay, so here is the front room when I started. Some boxes, no real window treatments and a bunch of space. I didn't want to this to be our room for watching television. I read somewhere that if your television is in the first room in the house you are common. To avoid that (yes, I know, I'm plenty common, just look at those chairs) I decided we would put the dining set in the front room to create an area for entertaining. It's not like there is any room in the kitchen to put a table and chairs.
You will have to forgive the chairs for being green. It isn't their fault they don't match the window treatments. Maybe I should have gotten the brown curtains. Oh, well. I like the orange. You can just see past the table to the matching pillows on the lower shelf unit. I'll unpack a few more boxes to get something on those bare shelves and we'll call this room done.

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