Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sewing Suite and Ti Leaves

I've moved up in the world.  Gone are my two folding banquet tables.
A trip to IKEA got me this great table.  Okay, so it's really two tables screwed together.  That isn't important.  The important part is that the height is adjustable.  Working height = 36 inches.

Much better than bending over to cut and pin.  Of course, now, my chair is too short.
Ti Leaves is a great little pattern I picked up last weekend at a little quilting shop in Virginia.  I wanted to try something different.
It's a different way to do applique.  Basically, you use both pieces when you cut out the shapes.  Above you can see the leaves traced onto the paper.
Next, you sit around and do some tedious cutting.  But they sure look neat.
There they all are, cut out and waiting to be matched up with complimentary light fabrics.
I've matched them up with their respective partners.  Time to get out the iron and make beautiful blocks. 

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