Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ti Leaves

I continued working on the Ti Leaves project. 
 Here, you can see I've finished the stitch outlines on all of the leaf shapes.  I had one set of leaves left over, and considered adding them to the pieced blocks.  I didn't like the effect, so it just didn't happen.
I did a bunch of fussy piecing to get it all together.
Really, really fussy.  This pattern would look so awesome if done with batiks.  That will have to wait for another time.  
The fabric requirements for this quilt are ridiculous.  I had so much left, I managed to piece together the entire back from the leftovers for the front of the quilt.  (Okay, so I added a few strips of a coordinating green from my stash.)
I haven't had a chance to quilt it all together, but it's ready.  Since this is such a small quilt, it will have a tube along the back for hanging.

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