Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching Up: Rota, Spain

It has been forever since I posted something.  Actually, my last post was made from my phone, so it almost doesn't count as a post. 

I've gone through some of the pictures from my trip to the other side of the Atlantic.  I've attempted to keep the pictures all sorted so they properly depict where they were actually take.  Please forgive me if I get one wrong from time to time.  For someone that makes a bunch of lists, I did a pretty poor job of keeping track of where all the pictures were taken.

So, from the beginning, I bring you Rota, Spain.  We were dropped off here at the manos.
From there we wandered, we drank, we ate.  We wandered some more.
I love being able to travel to different parts of the world.  So many wonderful things to see.
History is all around us, we just fail to see it sometimes.
I can't express how much I like tile, or how little we actually use it in the United States.  Relegating tile to the bath and kitchen really doesn't do it justice.
Down this little side street is a great little pub.  We stopped there for a time, too.
I didn't spend any real time at the beach, but it was inviting.
Back again to manos.
I leave you with this picture of a decreasing speed limit that appears to end with an exclamation point.  Startling, to be sure.

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