Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dakar, Senegal... Food and Shopping

All across the city there are little street shops where you can buy all the little things you don't need but think you do.  Wraps, baskets, bags, all manner of other touristy things.  I'll admit that I did come back with more than I should have.
Clear across town, there is a huge mall, complete with a food court and stores with much more expensive stuff.  I'll admit it, I'm frugal.  I didn't really shop at the mall.
A couple times, we at at the Argentinian steak house.  I wish I remembered the name of it.  Heck, now that I'm a few months past the trip, I'm not even sure it was Argentinian.
Best beef dishes I had the entire time I was in Africa.  The potatoes were pretty good, too.
The desserts there were also to die for.  This is a picture of the sampler, which included chocolate lava cake, a crepe and some other stuff I've forgotten the names of.  Besides, it was in French, or Argentinian, and my French is still horrible.

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