Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adventures in Fleece

First of all, be warned that when you see this blog post, it may not be complete.  As it is an ongoing project, I'm going to keep adding as I go. This will be the last update, so I'm going to let it stand after this.  No, really.

My friend found a great blog post about the Longcat scarf that looked like fun.  She created the pattern for the head.  My first try (I'm blaming the printer) didn't come out quite the way I expected.
So, I made another copy of the pattern and tried again.  I think after the next copy of the pattern I'll have it looking the right way.  We shall see.  (This is where I run away from my computer and try again.)
Third try and I think I've got it! (forgive the snaggletooth, sometimes my stitching goes awry)
Time to go cut out a body and a tail. (This is where I run away from my computer and try again.)
I got the rest cut out, stitched, turned, stuffed as needed and assembled. 

Here is a view of the back end of this really, really long cat.

Then we have the smiling bit.

I hope this captures the overall look of the scarf that was really just a whim. 
Now what do I do with it?

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