Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Commisioned Quilting

I taught a co-worker to sew.  I taught her to make quilt tops.  I even managed to teach her how to make and attach binding.  The last thing to teach is how to quilt.  Unfortunately, we just don't have the time to get together since I've moved to a new location.  I wanted to share some of the quilting I've done for her, including the most recent one.

I did this one a while back.
I tried to copy the wild lines of the zebra print on this one.
I loved how she put together all these great colors.
I tried to keep with the underwater theme and stayed with smooth waves that lap across the surface of the quilt.
I finished up the quilting on this one last week.  
I didn't go into it with much of a plan, but I think the tight swirls give it just he right amount of texture.

My favorite part about quilting a commission?  Yes, the quilting is actually pretty high on the list, but my favorite is seeing what people put together both in color and design.


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  2. I MISS YOU!!!!! And The Swirls On The Last One Are Really Pretty.


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