Sunday, July 7, 2013

Scrap Happy

This post will mostly be about show-and-tell.  Okay, mostly show.

I had grabbed a box of strips and started sewing wonky blocks.  I'll try to post about those blocks another time.  There just aren't enough of them to share.  Well, not enough of them for a quilt.  Maybe enough to share.

Anyways... When I started looking around for some other scrappy blocks, I found a huge stack of 12.5" blocks that I had made from quilt leftovers from as much as 12 years ago.  I figured now would be a good time to smash them together.  It also afforded me the opportunity to really play with different quilting designs on the long arm.
So, here are entirely too many images of the finished quilt.  I didn't even bother to take it outside for good lighting.  I just wanted to get some snaps to show you the many different quilting designs I used.
I pretty much let the quilt do all the talking.  Strips ended up quilted individually.  Blocks became their own little display of a certain design.  
I practiced loops and swirls and echo quilting.  I practiced working with my ruler.

Though, likely not enough.
The overall size of this quilt is just 5' x 6'.  No borders!  I'm trying to decide if the next scrappy quilt will be one row longer or one row shorter... I'll have to think about it.

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