Friday, March 13, 2015

Hop to it!

A couple years ago I picked up a kit for a friend at a quilt shop in Virginia.  At some point the fabric came back to my sewing room.  I decided it was time to trim up the strips and sew something.
First I trimmed all the pieces so they would be mostly straight and got sewing.  This pattern isn't so much a pattern as a recipe.  It came with the kit and I couldn't find a good link to it online because the shop has since closed.  Here is a link to their Facebook page.  It has not been updated in over a year.  It makes me sad to see the local quilt shops close.
Simple pattern with simple quilting makes for a quick quilt that even new parents won't feel bad about putting on the floor.  I want my quilts to be used!
The quilting is a kind of big and long loop that mostly follows the lines of the piecing.  Nothing fancy.
I used a coordinating flannel on the back to make it extra snuggly.  I washed it and sent it along to its new home.  A friend recently had a baby and this is the perfect thing for brand new parents.


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