Thursday, March 26, 2015

Modern Quilting Mania

As you may know, I am a member of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild.  You may have also noticed that I'm not an overly modern quilter; nor do I identify myself as a traditional quilter.  I like to say that if you need to give me a title, an arbitrary label (that is as unnecessary as any other label that our society places on the humans that reside within our society) I would like you to use quilter.  That's what I am.
At a guild meeting I was the lucky winner of a stack of charm squares in Modern Neutrals by Amy Ellis for Moda Fabrics.  (You can pick up your own charm pack from the Fat Quarter Shop.)  I grabbed some coordinating solids and started working on some improvisation.  I didn't have a plan.  I just started working to see how big I could get the piece with the fabrics I had at hand.  There was much rearranging of blocks before a final layout was determined.  I would even build the blocks to fit where I wanted them.
I pieced the blocks together in to units that were then sewn into the top.  I managed to make it so I only had to sew one partial seam.  If I had planned a little better I wouldn't have had to sew any partial seams.  This isn't the kind of quilt that wants a border, so it didn't get one.
I don't often piece backings to this level.  This is the kind of quilt that sort of asked for this kind of backing.  I embroidered the label into that little 5" charm before sewing it into the backing.
Once I got it loaded onto the frame I needed to pick the right thread.
I ended up using the So Fine from Superior Threads.  This is a great thread for blending work.  I wanted to use the gray, but it just didn't seem like the right answer.  The resulting texture really shows.
I decided to quilt it with this wood grain motif.
I think this gave the quilt just the right amount of movement.
The backing shows the quilting really well in some spots.
I used more strips from the stack of fabrics for the binding.  Scrappy bindings are the best!
This is a pretty modern quilt.  But I'm still just a quilter.

DISCLAIMER:  None of the links in this blog post are compensated.  I include them because you may be interested in some of the things I have used or talked about.  I do not receive anything from sharing these links.

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  1. Well, you might get two comments from me - blogger ate my first one. (shrug)

    I like this quilt! Very satisfying combination of rectilinear patchwork and curving quilting bas-relief. Nice job!

    :) Linda


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