Monday, June 10, 2019

Instant Pot Yogurt

I eat yogurt most days as a morning snack. I feel particularly bad about the fact that you can only buy yogurt in single-use plastic containers. The single serving size all come in plastic. The larger tubs come in fewer flavors. 
Darling Husband pointed out I can make yogurt in the Instant Pot so I decided to give it a go. There are several different recipes out there but it really comes down to two: whole milk and and yogurt (for the active cultures). I used these directions from Epicurious because it outlined clearly the steps when it came to using the Instant Pot. First, you boil the milk. 
Then, you cool the milk to a point where it won't kill the active cultures that will turn that milk into yogurt and stir in the yogurt.
Set the Instant Pot to 'yogurt' and walk away for eight hours or so. This is a great Saturday or Sunday project because it takes very little prep time. 
Come back eight hours later and those cultures have turned that milk into yogurt!
I like a firm yogurt, so I lined a colander with coffee filters and let it strain into a bowl in the fridge for a few more hours. 
Then I put it in reusable jars so I won't feel bad about the single-use plastic. Maybe I'll add a little fruit to spice it up. 

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