Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Big Move, Day One

After a rocky start of loading the rest of our stuff into the truck and the trailer, we got out on the road about 9:30am. By 10:00am, my dog had decided she really didn't like riding in the car, nor did she want to keep down her breakfast. Not even thirty minutes into the drive and I was cleaning up dog vomit at the first gas stop. How much was the gas at that first stop? BJ's Club price at $3.91/gallon.

I had convinced Honey to buy a small tarp, only to find that it would indeed have covered the bed of the pickup, but not the stuff in the bed of the pickup. After the vomit clean-up and the fueling, we stopped at Home Despot to pick up another tarp and some more line. I spent about 30 minutes trying to ensure the trailer would keep the contents inside. I also had to tie down the tarp on the pickup again.

After the tarps, we broke for breakfast. Denny's is a wonderful place, if you know what you want and what you want is breakfast. We left the first of the nomadic bunny-men at the Denny's in Rhode Island. I hope the server gives him a good home.

Back on the road by 11:30am. More vomiting before noon. We hadn't even left the state of Rhode Island before she had completely ruined her dog bed, wagged vomit onto me and made me nearly puke in sympathy. By Connecticut she had decided that the best way to deal with her motion sickness was to sleep.

Our next gas stop wasn't far away, just the other side of New York. It seems the trailer ruins the gas mileage on the Taurus. Price: $4.03/gallon in New Jersey. New Jersey is afraid of credit fraud, or something. That is the price for credit, the cash price was lower by about $0.15/gallon.

About 3:00pm, more dog vomit. At least she is keeping most of it in her bed, on the clean towel I put down to soak up the massive amounts of drool that seems to proceed vomit.

On the other side of New Jersey, finally into Pennsylvania, another gas stop at $3.97/gallon.

Our final stop for the day, somewhere in Pennsylvania. Gas for everyone at $3.98/gallon.

Last nomadic bunny-man is dropped off at the Dutch Pantry, a family diner across the street from the Super 8.

Interesting statistics that you can't do anything with:

Roadkill counts (your results may vary)
1 Raccoon
1 Polecat
3 Deer
5 Unidentifiable critters, most likely not deer

Miles traveled: 448 (approx.)

Lastly, here is a wonderful picture of Pennsylvania. I wish I had a digital recorder so I could record the wonderful sounds of the big trucks making their way down the interstate.


  1. Sorry to hear about le barf. Hope Reese is feeling better. Be glad it's not the other one. Bigger dog = more barf.

  2. My cat Pele (the one who died from heart disease) used to throw up and poop about 5 minutes into any car ride. It got to the point where I put litter in a styrofoam meat tray into her carrier just so there'd be something right there to absorb it. Didn't work so well when the mess got out though. Stop at a PetSmart and get some enzymatic cleaner. Your car will smell like fake flowers, but it beats barf anyday.

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