Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Big Move, Day Three

Since the room was so horrible, we decided to stay the shortest amount of time possible. By 6:45am we were checked out and back on the road. When we told the nomadic bunny-man that he would be staying behind, he ran away and hid in the tissue dispenser in the bathroom. We were just glad he didn't hide under the bed, we were afraid of what was under there.

By 7:35am, we were stopping so everyone could fuel up at $4.09/gallon.

By 8:30 we had left Indiana for Illinois. Welcome to Chicago. I missed the sign for welcome to Illinois, but they welcomed us to Chicago anyway. Traffic that made me swear. At least it was Saturday and it wasn't that horrible, just really crowded any frustrating the way only city driving can be. Some time in Illinois, the Kid's EZ-Pass quit registering. He'd try to pull through an EZ-Pass, or i-Zoom, or whatever lane and the bar just wouldn't go up. This happened twice, with the nice attendant coming out and saying helpful things like: "Just wave it around."

Drive, drive, drive. Around 11:00am, we had completed our time in Illinois and were on our way through Wisconsin. Yet again, I missed the "Welcome to" sign. Cow country. Cheese country. Very pretty country, especially if you're just passing through. Another stop to fuel up the Taurus at $3.87/gallon. Not too bad, compared to what we had been paying. Everyone should have gotten fuel at that stop, it was going to be so much worse at the next stop.

Around 2:00pm we had left Interstate 90/94 for I-94. The next stop for fuel was indeed more painful than the last stop. $4.13/gallon at a wonderful place that had the most interesting giant sculptures. The giant buck, the huge orange moose and the mouse holding the standard lump of Wisconsin cheese. Lunch took us about an hour and cost us another nomadic bunny-man. We were back on the road around 4:00pm, or was it 3:00pm? I'm pretty sure the time changed around there somewhere. I decided to just stay on Eastern Daylight Time until we stopped for the night.

Around 6:00pm, we had left Wisconsin for Minnesota. Just a little ways into the state we pulled off and found the nearest Super 8. Clean room, but no Internet. Grrr!!! We moved down a couple floors, for a room closer to the wireless router. Still not the best, but we didn't have to leave the room to find the Internet. Dinner next door and another bunny-man finds a home.

Miles Traveled: 520 (Approx.)

Road Kill Statistics
1 Polecat
1 Possum
3 Raccoons
4 Deer, 1 Live deer trying to decide if it really wanted to cross the road
17 Unknown
3 Splats (I was really bored)
1 Unidentified critter than nearly ran a Chevy off the road.

I just wanted to show everyone the co-pilot that is keeping the Kid on track. He's quiet, doesn't drink your Mountain Dew and never needs a bathroom break. Of course, he can't look out the window and tell you it's clear to get over either.

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  1. Illinois not cleaning up its roadkill this year:;_ylt=AokSbY4SzkGWreXjhGyhpDoE1vAI


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