Friday, May 30, 2008

The Big Move, Day Two

The day started as early as we could get the Kid out of bed. We went for the continental breakfast and hit the road about 9:30am. By 11:05, we were fueling up again, at $3.99/gallon.

At 11:47am we reached Ohio, leaving the beautiful state of Pennsylvania behind us. What was the most interesting change? Well, Ohio seems to police up their road kill quite effectively.

The next stop for gas was about 279 miles down the road, at $4.00/gallon.

At 4:58pm we finally left Ohio for the wonderful state of Indiana. Indiana cares about their road kill. They have sensors on the side of the road, complete with flashing lights that indicate that something larger than a raccoon has wandered into the road.

The weather decided to turn foul, not too long after we headed into Indiana. Giant raindrops pelted the cars, making everyone wonder if the tarps would really keep everything dry. I wonder what I’ll have to replace. Okay, not really. I can just buy another one.

About 7:00pm we pulled off the interstate and went in search of a place to spend the night. We had a little trouble finding the Super 8 Motel. After a phone call, and some driving in circles, we found that it had been converted to a Motel 6. Quite possibly, the worst Motel 6 I have ever stayed in. The Kid: “This is classic. It just gets better every time I touch something.” The outlets in the room are dodgy, the paint is peeling, there is a dog barking next door, the towels are dingy, the TV doesn’t get signal, there is no alarm clock or coffee maker, and housekeeping didn’t really do that good a job cleaning up after the last tenant. By time I was really disgusted by the state of the room, we really weren’t in the mood to leave. It was already 8:00pm. We’ll leave the light on for you.

Oh, yeah, have I mentioned that we don’t get the Internet in the room? That’s right, I had to create the draft and then walk down the hall to get a connection.

Miles Traveled: 438 (Approx.)

Road Kill Statistics

Unknown: 13

Possum: 3

Raccoon: 1

Just for the record, I do not count splatters, or lumps too small to identify as having been an animal.


  1. You didn't add doggie barf to your list of numbers. This is a good thing, I hope!


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