Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Big Move, Day Four

We left St. Paul, MN around 8:15am. For the record, the speed limit for Minnesota (on the Interstate) is 70mph. At 8:45am, we were stopping to fuel up the Taurus, again. They put up these cute little dinosaurs so you remember where your gas comes from. Well, I don't know that's why, I just think they're kinda cute.

A little down the road, we stopped to get breakfast at Denny's. I was really surprised that they weren't crowded. Usually, Sunday mornings are very crowded. Yet another nomadic bunny-man finds a home with the very nice server.

Around 10:40am we were back on the road, headed West towards North Dakota. By 1:05pm, we had crossed over into North Dakota.

Everyone stopped for fuel at 1:23pm. Best price we've seen so far at only (a year ago I would not have said that) $3.79/gallon.

2:50pm we stopped at Subway for lunch. Quick and easy and back on the road by 3:30pm.

Our last stop for gas, before reaching our destination of the day was offering Free Ternet. We aren't sure what that is, but we have ideas.

At 5:30pm we had pulled into the lot of the Super 8 in Bismark, North Dakota. The capitol of the state is allotted all of four exits off the interstate.

The big question for tomorrow: do we drive the entire 500+ miles to our destination? or, do we take our time and spend two days getting the same distance. Everyone will just have to wait and find out.

Miles Traveled: 442 (Approx.)

Road Kill Statistics

2 Raccoons
4 Deer
4 Polecats
30 Unidentifiable

Some of you may wonder why I provide the "miles traveled" as approximate. I just wanted to let everyone know, that I give the actual number of miles my car traveled. It is certain that we will actually travel more than the mileage quoted of 2302 miles.

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