Wednesday, June 30, 2010


At one point, I had a coupon for the local fabric store. The ladies that work at the cutting counter are absolutely wonderful. One suggested that I use my coupon to pick up a jellyroll. Since a sale or a coupon will pretty much convince me I need more fabric, I went for it. This collection is called Snippets and I just love the bright colors. I combined the jelly roll, two coordinating fabrics and some red flannel for the backing, into a wonderful quilt that I'm not sure I'll be able to part with. I even picked out the quilting thread specifically for this quilt. It is a thread that alternates between a really dark red and a kind of orange-y red. The simple block and basic quilting work together to create a quilt that I absolutely love.
I may run out of room for clothes and other stuff, but I will not want for a lovely quilt.

That was the last quilt picture you will see for a while.
Tomorrow we will depart Montana and head East. I've lived here for over two years and I finally stopped to take picture of this little piece of art that tops a hill on the edge of town. I thought it a fitting start to the trip.

I have my camera and my notebook. I get to play passenger this time, so I should be able to document the trip a little better than last time. The plan is to get started early on Thursday morning. I'll keep you updated as best I can.

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