Friday, July 2, 2010

Leaving Montana

Okay, so this will be extremely short on words but plenty long on pictures. (If you see something out of order, please forgive me. Blogger loads pictures funny and IE won't let me move them around like Mozilla does.)

July 1st, we packed ourselves into the car and started driving east. I managed to take a few snaps along the way.
That is the way we aren't going.
Blue Bear car wash, one of the last things you see on the way out of Havre.
The Milk River.
The Milk River.
We heard a rumor that there was a UPS shipping store in Glasgow, about 150 miles from Havre. I'd over-estimated the room in the car and we needed to ship some stuff out.
I had to tell Honey that he couldn't really get the Subaru under that thing.
Look, the UPS store. Three boxes are on their way to Maryland. They should arrive about the same time we do.

Honey said I missed the signs for Duck Creek, Cow Creek and... some other creek. This was well before I started knitting, so I would take pictures of anything.

The really, really long load.

Bismark, ND is our first stop for the night. Assuming we can get a room on the Fourth of July weekend.

North Dakota!

If you ever wondered where it was.
I couldn't make up something like this if I tried.
For reference, taking pictures at this speed isn't easy.

I'm sure this picture is out of sequence. It isn't important. Taking a pictures are high speed is challenging and you take what you can get.
It said scenic overlook, so I took a picture. I think that is Mandan.
Evidently, when you begin to enter civilization, you are required to slow down.

Missouri river.

That there is what we like to call the wrong way.
Dinner! Okay, so I ate fried eggs, biscuits & gravy and bacon.
Finally, some room at the inn.
I'm not sure what the stopping point will be today. We shall see.

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  1. It's still beautiful. I'm kind of disappointed I won't get to see it again, probably. All that nothing. . . .


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