Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Little House: Master Bedroom--Hidden Treasures

After patching until I ran out of patching plaster, buying more patching plaster and almost going through another quart, I gave up the patching and went looking for hardwood floors.
I found them. Perhaps not the most perfect floors in the state, but wonderful in my eyes. It is so sad that they covered this beauty with carpet. I do hope the rest of the main level is as nice.
I have left the remainder of the bedroom finishing to Honey. I'm off to work today and will not return until some time in September. I promise to try to take some great pictures and share a few when I return.


  1. September? I shall pine. Especially as I've mislaid your email address. Mine is, if you've a moment.

  2. "Oh, I know! Let's hide that horrid floor and put a nice picture of it on the walls instead". Very strange.


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