Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sewing FAK: Updated!

You must be asking yourself "What is a Sewing FAK?"  It is a Sewing Fly Away Kit.  Something no traveling sewer should be without.  I decided to smash one together today.  I spend entirely too much time away from home to be without some basic tools for maintaining my sanity.  Here is what I've come up with to fill that need.
Basic ingredients:  Sewing machine (I went with the Janome Sew Mini because it was on sale, is very small and weighs in at about five pounds), (UPDATED:  I tried the Sew Mini, I really gave it a chance.  I also decided that it is not the sewing machine for me.  I went to a couple thrift stores until I found a full-size sewing machine), scissors, straight pins, spare bobbins (not strictly required but nice to have), bags to carry it all in and a seam ripper.  When I piled it all up to take a picture I realized what was missing: hand-sewing needles.  I'll have to get those, too.
Expansion pack for the quilter:  Cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler.  I couldn't pass up these items since I do love rotary cutting. The table is not strictly speaking a requirement, but it could come in very handy depending on the availability of a suitable work surface.
Everything (except the mat, ruler and table) fit into these two cute, little bags.

Cost for basic kit:  $56.28 (not including tax)
Cost for quilter's expansion:  $ 52.07
Folding table:  $14.99
Total cost:  $123.34

I have no idea how much therapy costs, but in my mind I'm getting a deal.

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