Thursday, August 15, 2013

Coaster Swap... backing up

The pattern calls for some simple blocks for the back.  I have to admit, the friendship star is one of my favorite blocks.  It is also one of my least favorite blocks when it comes to sewing.  Yes, I can sew a HST, I just don't like the squaring up.  Just seems so darn fussy to me.
Anyway... I put together some of the blocks from the pattern using some more batik scraps.  I don't know that the backs will always match the fronts, but what is the point of scrappy if I can't mix and match?
I also sewed up som of my scraps into these wonky, log cabin blocks.  Love making these.  The small 5" x 5" size makes them super quick and fun.  I wish I'd take more pictures of these, but you'll just have to pick them out of the stack.  (Yes, there are way more than I need to back four coasters, don't judge.)

Applique Coasters Swap

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  1. Who's gonna judge for making extras? :D Hey, man - if you've got a good thing going, why stop?!


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