Saturday, July 12, 2014

Charity Quilting: Bubbles

A friend of mine pieced this quilt a while back.  I just found the perfect backing on the discount shelf at a local quilt shop.
I still have eight bobbins worth of Bottom Line in this fun green, so I decided this would be a great quilt to use some of those threads.  I used Fantastico for the top thread.
I figured this one would be great for the swirl and pebble design but with a bit of a twist.  I didn't go small with this one.  Some of those swirls are six inches across.  I like working in these big sizes when I stitch with the high-visibility threads.  I think it just adds so much character to the quilt.
I tried to capture some of the texture this little quilt has.  
I should have just shared this picture first.  From the back, you can see all that fun texture.  These colors are a little more vibrant than they appear here, I was trying to work the lighting for the texture and that just isn't the best for seeing the colors.  They are as bright and vibrant as the colors on the front, I promise!

How do you modify a quilting motif to suit your quilt?  I'd love to hear your ideas.

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