Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Laughter Quilt

I've been following Megan The Bitchy Stitcher (yes, that all gets capital letters) for a while.  Not forever, but long enough to know that she has a great sense of humor and wants to share it with all of the quilting world. She recently asked for some blocks to make a quilt.  I finally set myself the task of making some of these blocks.  I know, how hard can it be?
I won't go over the instructions.  You can find all the instructions over at The Laughter Quilt blog post.  For the record, one 3.5" strip cut width of fabric will square up into 12 blocks.
If you decide to join in, you'll have to go there to get The Bitchy Stitcher's address anyway.  I paired my Kona White with some leftover charms from the Fossil Fern collection.
I even used my new thread snipper to snip apart those units.
She asked for bright and cheery colors.  I hope I managed to stay within the guidelines.
Again my piecing skills were saved by the Tucker Trimmer.  I love this tool!  Sometimes quilting is like writing.  It isn't about the first draft, it is about the editing!
Before I knew it, I had a cool dozen of these cute little blocks.
I backed them with a piece of freezer paper to stabilize them while I wrote on them.  I didn't back all of them at once since I had things to say early in the process and freezer paper is easy enough to move to the next block once it has served its purpose.
I won't share what I wrote on these until much later.  Heaven forbid I ruin the surprise.  I am looking forward to the finished quilt.  This will be a wonder to behold.  Or, it will just be a bunch of snarky blocks sewn up into a quilt.  Although, I think that would be pretty awesome, too.

Are you joining in the block-making?  Do you have something that makes you laugh that would be a good addition to this quilt?  I know I have more to say.

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