Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mini Quilts - Mega Fun Swap

I came a cross a mini-quilt swap last month and just had to join in.  Now that my partner has received her darling mini quilt I can share some of images from the construction.  This swap was hosted by The Sewing Loft.  The majority of the communication was over on Flickr, which wasn't new for me.  I've participated in several mug rug swaps (mostly through Facebook and email) and even some charm square swaps.

This swap was designed so your partner doesn't know who you are.  Meaning I got a short description from my partner about the things she liked.  Wendy had some great input that pointed me in the direction of yellow and springtime.  I had this single charm pack from Kate Spain that just begged to become something that said springtime.  I hadn't used my Sidekick ruler yet, either.  Time to put these things together!
I played with the layout a little until it did something I liked.  It took me a couple tries.
I carefully pieced the rows together.  I was worried all that careful layout work would be ruined if I wasn't very precise.  These points may look pretty good, but they aren't perfect.  Not too bad for my first time with the ruler, though.
This quilt needed to be a mini quilt, so I kept the borders narrow.  I wanted the triangles to have some room to breath, but not to swim on the background.
The backing I picked wasn't quite big enough, so I did some improv piecing to make the backing.  I really like this one.  It brings the colors from the front to the back and did what it was intended - make the backing big enough.
I decided that I wanted to long arm quilt this.  I could have done the quilting on the domestic, but I thought I could really do better work with the long arm.  In my opinion my free-motion quilting isn't bad, but my long arm quilting is better.
I wanted to use a piece of the Quilter's Dream Green for this quilt since it is a mini, but the pieces I had leftover from Soul Stealer weren't quilt big enough so I used a piece of cotton batting.  I basted the quilt top down and walked back and forth for a little while until I settled on flowers as a motif.  This really brought this quilt from sprint/summer back to spring.  The colors worked either way, but the flowers say spring to me.
I did some fine lines for a border of sorts.  That wasn't easy to fit into that narrow border but I like the effect.
This quilt doesn't mind if you look at the back.
I had trouble finding a suitable binding for this quilt.  I took tiny little triangles to the fabric store to find this fun dotty print.
After I did that dense quilting around the borders, I realized there was no way I could get a hand-finished binding that wouldn't kill my fingers.  I decided to go for the machine-finished binding and was pleasantly surprised when it didn't suck.  I'm getting better at machine-finished binding, I guess.
Pretty much a total quilt label fail on this one.  No imagination, nothing. At least it says something and identifies the maker and where it was made.
I packed the quilt, along with some goodies for my partner. This little Giving Bunny went along, too.  I love these little guys.  They are so happy to take long trips with quilts.  To be fair I like long trips with quilts, too.

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