Friday, November 6, 2015

Retail Therapy: Fibre Space

In an effort to find some of Freia's Fibers locally, I did some searching for yarn shops near where I work.
Google dutifully lead me to the Fibre Space. This is a great little shop with helpful staff and so many things to see.
I was warmly greeted by the staff and they showed me where to find the tasty yarn I was searching for.  Look at all these balls of Freia's Fibers!
I love these ombre yarns.  They are so colorful and soft and oh-so yummy.  It wasn't easy to narrow down my choices, but I managed to pick just four different colorways.  From left to right I'm pretty sure these are Metropolis, Dirty Hippie, Nightshade and Pixie.  I'm in a strange relationship with the Electric Boogaloo Cowl and these yarns are part of that relationship.
I also picked up this set of knit blockers since I do seem to have at least one shawl that has been finished for a couple years and has never been blocked.
Yummy yarn!
Since I managed to hit the $100 mark, this bag with their super-fun logo, was free.  The bag is $2 if you don't hit the mark, but it wasn't a difficult task.  I'm sure I'll be back when I need some more retail therapy.  I love finding friendly, local shops with awesome yarns.

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